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About Process

Process came about as the brainchild of some like-minded creatives after we had feedback over the lockdown period about the real sense of disconnectedness in the wider creative community.

By hosting a regular event in Hamilton for creatives - networking drinks and a couple of short but informative keynotes around trends and inspiration - we believe we’ll have a community event that brings value and connection to those that attend.

How you can support Process;

Apply to sponsor Process, or be a keynote speaker at an upcoming Process meetup.

Meet the Process Team

Jason Tiller

Jason is our Process host, you'll see him upfront at our events facilitating the sessions. He also looks after designers that utilise Rocketspark to design sites for their clients. He's passionate about enabling designers to have sustainable, growing businesses across the globe.

Jason has a background in the digital economy, including working on ecommerce startups of varying shapes and sizes. He loves meeting new Process attendees and discovering cool design stuff out in the wild.

Chantal Gellert

Chantal has always had a talent for getting stuff done. She has channeled this into her current role at Rocketspark - Partner Executive. She has pulled together successful design conferences and meet-ups with the highlight being the Digital Pop-up Shop in Hamilton, a week long event in the Hamilton CBD with over 600 delegates and Rocketspark Design conference. 

Teaming up with the people behind Process to deliver these quarterly catch-ups, Chantal is your go-to for anything logistics related.

Elliot Norton

Elliot is a freelance designer, creator and problem solver with 10+ years’ in the industry. He is inspired to create meaningful work alongside those who truly care about what they do. Elliot is excited to see the transformation that quality design has made to Hamilton in recent years and looks forward to being a part of its future.

Process design meetup has been a great way to learn, collaborate and connect with Hamilton’s best, across every facet of the creative industry.

Bron Alexander

Bron is a self taught designer/illustrator with over 20 years experience, a never-ending passion for her craft and a curiosity that never rests.

Bron is an effective editorial designer for magazines, creating her own range of limited edition prints, greeting cards and stationery and most recently the creation of digital resources for designers and product developers.

Her style is eclectic and ever evolving. Inspired by artists both historic and contemporary, she spans a love of soft feminine and whimsical styles and bold colourful creations.

Liora Pine

Originally born in California, Liora spent years working in the graphic design industry before settling down in New Zealand in 2007. It was during her design gypsy phase that she developed an understanding of what makes design work, not just aesthetically, but effectively.

With hands-on experience across a range of design businesses, from small creative studios to large agencies, Liora brought all that experience together with The Little Acre.

Dean McLeod

Hi there, I’m Dean McLeod and I’ve been working in change management most of my working career. I specialise in the field of Supply Chain but have also had experience in many facets of business and have been involved in the change process from design to delivery and everything in between.

With the advent of Covid in 2020 I decided to change direction (not gunna say Pivot, damn said it), and got into designing Rocketspark websites and monetizing my Photography.
I am really looking forward to being part of this process journey.

Natalie Jessup

Natalie is the founder of Creative Good, a marketing and design agency focused on enabling for-purpose organisations to communicate using the latest digital techniques. She helps develop their marketing and brand strategies, and delivers implementation via website development, digital content and social media engagement.

With over twenty years’ experience in marketing and fundraising, Natalie has a passion to share her expertise and to raise awareness about important issues and solutions, so we can create positive change for our environment and people.


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