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Process Update COVID October 2021

We miss you.

As we move further away from the last time we saw you, we felt an update was important. We have two key things to say:

1. We are very much still here.
2. We will very much do more Process'.

The Process team is still keen to deliver some pretty cool sessions - we had a cracker planned for August - and hope that we can have another soon.

We've also been asked "wHy dOn'T YoU dO iT OnLiNE?" Well, simply, Process is built for in-person events. The mixing and mingling, paired with some amazing food and booze is what makes Process, Process. We also reckon you're pretty over the Zoom event experience (we sure are). 

So let's just stay cool, get vaccinated and we'll see you again soon.


Jason, Elliot, Bron, Dean, Natalie, Liora, Chantal.

A huge thank you to our sponsors!

Panama Square has kindly sponsored the space we had last time (absolutely gorgeous!) for the rest of 2021. If you're in need of a space to get your creative juices flowing, Panama Square is the place for you.

Gravitas Media are the official print partner of Process. Jacki and the team are awesome, and produce some great print products. Make sure you mention Process for special offers and promos!

Rocketsparkis a web builder made by designers for designers. Based right here in the Waikato, they are the perfect solution 

Simple, yet powerful, join them for a better way.


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