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Process Success - Dec 2020

A big thank you to those that came along, you made the first event a huge success. If you couldn't make it, just the fact you were interested, helped make it the success it was!

Session Summaries

Bron Alexander

Bron kicked the event off with a great summary of her working career. From design, to illustration to magazine creative directions, she talked about how this experience has influenced her design process.

She also touched on how to reuse unpublished works for personal projects, and how successful her print licensing has been.

Alexander Wastney - Designwell

Xander talked about his experience in industrial and product design, starting with medical equipment and ending with first-class airline spaces. His key takeaways were about people and process:

  • Having empathy as a designer is paramount. 
  • He talked about sleeping in the medical beds they were making, and how that changed the company's perception of what they were creating. 
  • Having a design process meant that he felt confident in taking on some massive projects knowing that he always had a system to fall back on.

Jeremy Johnson - Rocketspark

Leading the Rocketspark design and UX team means having a the right tools and process is more important than ever. Jeremy spoke about the value of the cloud design tool FIGMA which has brought a new level of design collaboration across all facets of the business. The marketing team, developers and designers all working cohesively within a browser.

He also talked about the challenge of creating a whole new UX experience and how using established norms can help to get new users up to speed quicker. Design empathy was also a key thread, coupled with some significant end user testing to deliver a world first product.


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